MUT - Green City

Road Sweeper

clean - cleaner - the cleanest + fine dust free

The M-U-T Austrocleaner counts to the world’s most modern machines and is used successfully for the fight against fine dust.

Optionally available as UM – air circulation system – or RS – suction only system

The Austrocleaner finds its usage at street-, surface- and construction-area cleaning in cities, towns, highways, road construction for milled materials and construction areas in general.


Its main characteristics:

  •  Strongest suction power for rough pollution
  •  dust- and fine-dust-free sweeping
  •  especially through the air circulation system:
    • low noise level during operation
    • compact and agile with max. dirt and water content


Our Austrocleaner street sweeping machines are customized, individual machines with many options like high pressure system, rear suction equipment, fine dust nozzles, front-mounted brush, manual suction system, etc. 
Many certificates of independent, authorized institutions are a guarantor for the high quality of M-U-T Austrocleaner street sweeping machines.