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Conveying technology

Since the establishment of M-U-T in 1932 a lot of conveying systems came into operation in many different fields of industry as it is nowadays. M-U-T specialized on the construction and manufacturing of conveying systems and was able to establish itself successfully in many areas of application on the international market.
Ongoing technical development and a demand-oriented as well as solid construction of the conveyor aggregates guarantee a safe and long-termed operation for all our customers. The broad product range of mechanical conveying aggregates permits us to create and initiate the optimal aggregate for particular cases – even keeping an eye on energy efficiency and economy.

M-U-T produces and installs complete conveying plants and components in several fields of industries, for example:

  • Rock-, building material and cement industry
  • Thermal power plants and disposal facilities
  • Wood, pulp and paper industries
  • Iron and steel industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyors are the “all-round” conveying aggregates on a variety of uses and are constructed as:

  • Trough belt conveyor
  • Flat belt conveyor
  • Steep belt conveyor
  • Side wall and vertical belt conveyor


Main characteristics:

  • Usable for many mediums to be conveyed 
  • Short to very long conveying distances (2 to 1000m and more)
  • High flow rate
  • Different sizes
  • In basic design, not closed construction - cover, closed or encapsulated construction can be offered
  • High economic efficiency – low investment costs, min. specified energy consumption, low maintenance costs


The belt conveyor is the “standard conveyor” on a variety of uses. With small driving power it’s possible to realize big transport lengths, masses and speed. The mostly smooth designed carrying side of the rubber belt has optimal characteristics to keep up to mechanical abrasion, chemical influences of the conveyed material, moisture or bacterial influences.

Bucket conveyor

Bucket conveyors are constructed for the vertical transport of material. The conveyed material gets added to the buckets via chutes for example. The bucket is mounted on a central or duplex chain, sprocket chain or belt which is responsible for the vertical drive. The bucket gets emptied at the on the top laying reversing station through centrifugal force.

Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyors lead back to the principle of the Archimedean Screw. The in the trough laying material can be transported via the screw conveyor in horizontal, angular or vertical angle. This conveying system is preferable for the transport of dust-shaped, grained, semimoist or fibrous material.  

Chain Trough Conveyor

Chain trough conveyors are endless chains with carriers in a closed trough. The carriers are constructed to transport material  horizontal, angular or vertical

Rotary Feeder

Rotary feeders are mostly used for fluid, dry or fine material, as for example underneath Silos or hoppers to take of the pressure of the subsequent extractor device. Further uses gain in the volumetric dosing, as “burn-back” protection or to minimize pressure losses.

Special Constructions

Every conveyor system is specially matched to customers demand and the conveyed material. Special constructions mostly come into operation, when different interests or material do not supplement. E.g. shiploader for cement in combination for loose bulk material but also for bags.