MUT - Green City

Combinated Sewer Cleaning Truck

It’s the combination between the suction and the high pressure jetting truck. A combined machine with a water and a sludge tank the so called M-U-T tank in tank system.

The M-U-T tank in tank system is the preferred solution when using a single tank as a water and sludge tank.


It’s main characteristics and advantages:
  • Optimum weight distribution
  • Ideal axial loading distribution 
  • Every unit is equipped with a high performance and high pressure water and vacuum pump.
  • P-piston or also called pneumatic ejector piston:
    • Divides the tank in a front chamber = water tank and a rear chamber = sludge container. The P-piston is adjustable, so the tank can be easily provided as needed. Special but standardized equipment in common with the p-piston is the combination boom which is hydraulically move- and telescopic adjustable to guide a suction or high pressure hose to the sewer.

Combination sewer trucks can also be equipped with a water recycling system. Through a 3-step water recycling system the dirt water can be treated and cleaned this way, to afterwards use it via a high pressure pump for cleaning the sewers. Apart from that, that this method is environmentally very friendly, because no precious drinking water is used up, also refueling water is not necessary any more. Equipped with a load-sensing hydraulic pump these vehicles are a guarantor for optimal effort and lowest noise-level during operation. The water recycling system moreover also possesses an automatic cleaning system and therefore doesn’t need an additional maintenance.