MUT - Green City


M-U-T stands for machines, environmental technology and transportation systems. The company was founded in 1932 in Stockerau, a city near Vienna (Austria), with conveying systems as it’s core business.
In 1955 the company extended its product range with the construction and manufacturing of special motor-vehicle bodies. Special demand-oriented bodies for municipal solid waste and wastewater collection trucks have been produced and enhanced since then.

In the 1970s a separate division for environmental technology was established, concentrating on planning, manufacturing and start-up of material recycling facilities and composting technology.

The logical next extension of the M-U-T product range followed in 1988 with the division for water- and wastewater treatment, also concerned with sludge treatment.

Synergistic effects perfectly combine M-U-T’s long-term know-how regarding conveying systems together with environmental technology and wastewater treatment.

To share our experience and expertise with others, we entered the education-market and work together with schools or universities in developing and delivering technical equipment.
Since the beginning and so now: With our technologies into a cleaner future!