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Cooperation M-U-T & TRS BV


 Solution for bottom ash treatment

we hereby want to proclaim our new cooperation with dutch company TRS BV and therefore extension of the M-U-T product range of Conveying Technology - in detail of bottom ash treatment! We are looking forward to a great partnership and also a great opportunity for us and our customers concerning bottom ash treatment at it's best.

TRS is a company focused on metal recovery from various waste streams and is specialized on the bottom ash from waste incinerators. This material contains valuable metals such as iron, aluminum, copper but also precious metals. With numerous of sorting and treating techniques we are able to sort many types of metals in a broad range of appearances. The main techniques consist of magnet separation (ferrous metals), eddy-current separation (non-ferrous metals), sensor separation (stainless steel and many alloys), density separation (heavy from light material) but also various crushing and sieving techniques are part of our scope. For many materials a dedicated approach and testing is required. For bottom ash however we have a “standard” system to process the raw bottom ash for recovery of valuable metals but also into clean reusable aggregates or metals which can in some cases directly be sold to the smelters.


Bottom ash processing installation

This installation is turn-key delivered by TRS to the clients’ location and has all equipment to have the basic treatment of raw bottom ash which can be summarized as follows;

-          Feeding station,

-          Magnet separation for ferrous metals (all fractions),

-          Eddy current separation for non-ferrous metals from the fine and middle fraction,

-          Handsorting for various materials from the coarse fraction.

These steps consist of various carefully selected and integrated machineries to achieve the highest yield and optimal operating conditions.

In addition to this basic plant various “modules” can be added to enhance the process and increase the recovery of (non-)ferrous metals;

We can deliver complete treatment plants to our clients starting from the first tests till successful commissioning. Besides the delivery of new installations we can also extend or modify existing installations to increase the yield or improve the process. In many cases the fine fractions are not treated yet but with a simple addition these fractions can be profitable very quickly (since there is already an installation with the permits/facilities/workforce etc. present and the implementation can be made quickly and without large impact). In certain cases we can provide a financing solution whereby the machinery is provided by TRS and the payment/lease is borne by the produced metals whereby a certain percentage is paid to the client so the machine is directly profitable and the rest is used to pay off the machine.

To assess the profitability of an installation we can perform tests on the material of potential clients in our facilities. By simulating the process we get an accurate expectation of a full scale system to be able to make a profitability study.

In short we can offer following services:

- Tests on material in our facilities or larger field tests,

- Engineering, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of new installations/extensions/modifications,

- Service on delivered installations,

- Financing of installations.


For more informations please contact our Sales Manager:

Mr. Christian Weinguny, Eng. 

Phone: +43 2266 603 134 or via e-mail:


Together for a clean future!