MUT - Green City

the M-U-T bin washing system

short form "ABRA"

(comes from the german name)


The M-U-T bin washing system is integrated in the body, the bins will be emptied and washed with hot water in one process.  This system is unique in ecologic and economic ways, as operational costs are hardly higher than at ordinary waste collection - because there's only one vehicle, one crew and just a single manipulating of the bins necessary! 

The washing progress itself only lasts 6-8 seconds, where 2-wheel-containers together as well as 4-wheel containers separately can be washed sparkling clean - so therefore a guarantor for maximal hygiene!   

The M-U-T bin washing system is a product MADE IN AUSTRIA and deliverable in all our waste collection vehicles ROTO, VARIO and POWER M-U-T with body width 2.300 and 2.500mm.